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140 %

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MAX.DEPOSIT: $10000000.00

Commission: 100.40%-140%


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120 %

** After 5 Hours **

MIN.DEPOSIT: $1200.00

MAX.DEPOSIT: $10000000.00

Commission: 113%-120%


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650 %

After 5 Days

MIN.DEPOSIT: $500.00

MAX.DEPOSIT: $10000000.00

Commission: 600%-650%


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1500 %

After 10 Days

MIN.DEPOSIT: $700.00

MAX.DEPOSIT: $10000000.00

Commission: 1480%-1500%


Principal include

Registered Company

We are registered in the United Kingdom providing its investment.

Experienced Administration

Experienced Crypto trading team are working on our strategy to make maximum profit with minimum risk.

DDOS & SSL Protected

We are using Cloudflare DDOS protection, one of most experienced, professional and trusted.

Instant Withdrawals

Withdrawal requests are processed instantly without any fee. You don't have any limit or waiting.

Affiliate Program

  • 3-Level of Commission
  • Unlimited Earnings
  • No Deposit Required
  • Instant Withdrawals

First Level 3%

Second Level 1%

Third Level 0.5%

You have opportunity to earn money by recommending our platform to others. You can start earning even if you do not make the deposit. Promote us wherever you go. Make posts on web, forums and on social. Use your referral link to invite people to our website.

You can recommend it to anyone: family, friends or completely random people through discussion forums and social media. You will receive a Upto 3% commission under each deposit, an additional 1% of each deposit made on the second line and 0.5% of each third. We do not use any limits as to the amount awarded commissions or people who are under you in the first, second or third lines. The income opportunities are unlimited!

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